Cornmeal Porridge

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PREP TIME : 5 minutes

COOK TIME : 17 minutes




1 ½ cups refined cornmeal

1 cup cow’s milk or coconut milk

1 tsp salt (optional)

1 tsp vanilla

¼ tsp grated or powdered nutmeg

½ cup brown sugar(optional)

3 tsp condensed milk

1 glass room temperature water

¼ ground cinnamon


1) Add 1 cup of water to pot and bring to boil.

2) Add the cornmeal to a bowl and slowly stir as you add the water, until the mixture is moist,

you can add the salt at this time if desired.

3) Using a wooden spoon, add cornmeal mixture to pot with boiling water.

4) Stir constantly to prevent lumps.(5mins)

5) Stir until the contents have thickened and add

maize from the nutmeg.

6) Lower flame and cover pot for starch granules

to expand .(5mins)

7) Combined the remainder of ingredients except the condense milk. If sugar was used, it could be added at this time.

8) Mix the combined ingredients thoroughly and

add to cornmeal. Stir as your pour mixture.

9) Cover or half masked pot cover for (5 mins)

10) Add condensed milk and amount desired.

11) Turn off cooker.

12) Remove from flame and rest for 2 minutes.

13) Serve and enjoy!